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Dec 27, 2008

Reality shows v/s Teleserials

While the country is getting more involved keeping a track of the difficult political situation; I would like to take your attention away from the tension arising between India and Pak to war between actors acting in teleserials and actors participating in reality shows. Each claim that the other type of entertainment is fading away. While the serial actors say that people are fed up of reality shows, reality show actors want to believe that it’s the daily soaps people are fed up with!

But then, what is the truth? What are people really watching? As a viewer, I can vouch for the fact that people are watching both. However, quality matters… if there is some real entertainment then people are taking time to watch or else no. If there are 30 serials on air now, I watch about 3 similarly there are some dance reality shows that I watch too.

Talking about dance reality shows, on Saturday at 8pm I put my TV on to watch Nach Baliye (Star Plus), Boogie Woogie (Sony), Chota Packet Bada Dhamaka (CPBD) (Zee TV). Except for Nach Baliye other two shows had kids performing but to my surprise (not really because I experienced this last week also) I was hooked on more to these shows then Nach Baliye… why? The quality!!

While Nach Baliye continued with some crap drama, the other two shows were showing what they were supposed to show, brilliant dance performances!! And even when the dance started in Nach Baliye it was no where near to the dance performed by the kids, especially the CPBD kids. Just imagine, these tiny humans were more capable of giving a good show than the grown ups!!

And going by the poor standards of Nach Baliye, if I had my regular serial at that hour I would have stuck to it rather than watching the silly off-stage drama (fake). To sum up, it’s not about reality shows or serials that’s popular with viewers it is the quality of the program.

So it goes to say, that it’s not necessarily competition between teleserials and reality shows its competition between the good and bad quality. Also a piece of advice for all reality show makers, shun the fake drama or even if its real edit it… people have had enough of it and just show them what they have been promised… the talent show!


Satans Darling™ said...

Hello Celestial :)

I think the quality of Nach Baliye has gone down too, I never missed an episode of season one! It is unfortunate to see the show go down the drain.

The media has surely hyped up the whole reality show thing. Every Tom Dick and Harry thinks they can pull it off.

The TV Soaps on the other hand have started adopting issues like Child Marriage [Balika Vadhu] And Child Labour [Ichha serial] and they mostly overdo it. I would choose none amongst the bogus TV Shows and the Fake Reality Shows.

I love watching FRIENDS though. They don't make stuff like that any more :(

Nevertheless, Loved your Blog:)

Celestial said...

Yes Ashrita I think I know how you feel... But luckily for me there r some teleserials like Woh rehnewali mehlon ki, ba baby aur bahu, tarak mehta ka ulta chashma to keep me entertained... and for reality shows its boogiewoogie... and I commend their stand to stay away from silly fake controversies to gain popularity! Also love some shows on NDTV goodtimes.

hey thanks a lot for visiting my blog and liking it... hope to blog more thought provoking write-ups to keep brainy visitors like you interested.:)