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A freelance writer by profession, I have been blogging now for about two and half years. My other interests includes SEO. Blogging motivates me to learn about new things happening on WWW and also out of it. I would like to update my blog on a daily basis, but more than that I would like to write about the latest... fastest.

Jun 26, 2013

Long time...

Its been more than 2 years that I last wrote anything on this blog. Today when I logged into it I saw over 100 comments waiting for moderation and 95% of them were spam. Must say over the years spammers have improved so much, they make it look so genuine now. Also went through my old posts, don't know why had a funny feeling reading some of them now. While after reading some I felt if I was wiser back then or what!

I also want to thank viewers for their encouraging comments, those comments were what made me write in here today though I didn't have much to write about. I owe a lot to internet and it feels good to know if I have helped any of you all in some ways. Though, I would love to be more regular in updating this blog I am not sure when I will have the time and the right mind for that... also it should be something constructive. So till then let's check out other super things internet has to offer.

May 15, 2011

When did I cry last?

Last night, I was trying to remember when I cried last. It’s easy to check when I last published a blog post (really long back) but not easy to remember when I cried last. That does sound like a very positive statement... but is it actually?

Not crying means that you are not sad but it can also mean that you have lost touch with your emotional side. It would be positive if there were unfavorable situations but it didn't affect you because now you no more let that affect you. Or it could also mean that it affects you but you control yourself, which is not good because it will make you bitter over a period of time...

And it left me thinking which one is really true for me? As I was thinking my memory went long back to my childhood days when I cried really bad because my mom threw out of my hand a tiny little doll which I really liked. I couldn't remember what happened before that and after that only this part when I helplessly stood there crying for it and my mom dragged me from there.

Thinking about it my eyes watered, making me realize that I have not lost my emotionality... it’s still intact. This did make me aware that the reason I haven't cried was because I have not come across any situation strong enough to make me emotional. However, now I remember when I cried last!