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Apr 22, 2009

How to add music on blogger

Finally I have figured out how people add music playlist to their blogs. It was not as easy I thought it would be. Especially, from the website from where I got this widget, that is the Must admit to get that playlist widget from imeem to my blog was not at all easy… I wasted half a day to understand how it worked. But all said and done, it’s the best site for this purpose because it has this option of adding widget to your blog, plus a huge collection of songs. Before this I tried to use but didn’t get complete song.

Similarly, to have music on your site, you can add the codes to your website and have a list of songs for your viewers. In the following video, I have shown two ways of adding the playlist. If you are a novice the first method is advisable however, no problem trying the second method if you are in a mood to explore… its not really that complicated.

Open blogger and, first you will need to register with

Check the video to know, how to add your favorite songs on your blog;

Step by step procedure:

• Search for you song
• Click on Add to Quickmix
• Save playlist
• Select on home/mediatracker/playlist/
• On the bottom of the playlist, Click on MORE near 'Embed this on'
• You will see a list of options; select Blogger/Add to blogger
• On clicking on that you will be taken to your blogger dashboard
• Select the blog where you want to display the playlist.
• Click on 'Add Widget'
• Save and view your blog
• If you would like to remove the Search option from the playlist then;
• Click on the song gadget in the dasboard to open the code and amend the code as shown in the blog.

Method 2:

• On the bottom of the playlist on, you will see an option 'Embed' select all and copy.
• Come to your blogger dasboard/layout/add gadget/html-javascript
• Put a suitable title and in the content area paste the code, delete the code for search option and save.

The playlist is ready for your viewers...!!

Apr 6, 2009

How to create navigation links in your blog

This is for people who own more than one blog and want a navigation menu in your blog. With a navigation menu in your blog, visitors to one of the blogs can access the other blogs by clicking on the navigation link. To understand better, check out the main menu on the top, in my blog.

For instance, if you want to have navigation for your blogs and here’s how you do it;

1. Go to Layout/Page Element

2. Click on Add a Gadget

3. Give a suitable title like for my blog I have named it as Main Menu

4. Copy and paste the below code on the ‘content’ area. Please remember to replace the site URL and title with that of your blog. For better understanding, I have marked in blue the link and texts that needs be replaced.
html code for navigation links in blogger
5. Save

6. Select a proper placement for this menu.

At Blogger Buster you will find other ways to create navigation bar, but try it only if you are an advanced blogger.