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Sep 1, 2007

Get all your favorite websites under one web page

We all know about bookmarking, it’s a wonderful tool to reduce the pressure from our memory cells. Like a site? Bookmark it under favorites or under bookmarks and keep checking regularly, to see if anything new is added to the site. Now wouldn’t it be better if you get to know whether anything is updated on the site, even before you open the site?

This is exactly what RSS feeds does for you, it brings your favorite sites to you, saving your time going to it and wasting time if there isn’t anything new stored in for you. But, if you have many sites that you want to check out, your browser is mostly likely to get crowded.

So to take it a step further, Google reader (even yahoo and msn reader) lets you save all your favorite sites on one page. Like you log on to your gmail and check if you have any new mails, you can log on to Google reader and check if there is anything new in your favorite sites.

Viewing your website in a Google reader is different from viewing it on the site, on Google reader you will only see the contents with any attached image that it may have. All the other features of the site won’t be present; to view that you will have to visit the site.

The site you want to add should have the RSS option in it. The most common icon for RSS is this

To understand the use of Google reader better, listen to Google engineer Chris Wetherell.

Log on to Google reader with your Gmail id and save your valuable time.

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ainesse said...

thanks for explaining clearly what RSS feed is, I think I will try to set this up for myself now that I understand it better.

re your site as a visual person I really feel you ougth to include images on your site. Just to break up the monotony of text etxt text ....