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Dec 27, 2008

Reality shows v/s Teleserials

While the country is getting more involved keeping a track of the difficult political situation; I would like to take your attention away from the tension arising between India and Pak to war between actors acting in teleserials and actors participating in reality shows. Each claim that the other type of entertainment is fading away. While the serial actors say that people are fed up of reality shows, reality show actors want to believe that it’s the daily soaps people are fed up with!

But then, what is the truth? What are people really watching? As a viewer, I can vouch for the fact that people are watching both. However, quality matters… if there is some real entertainment then people are taking time to watch or else no. If there are 30 serials on air now, I watch about 3 similarly there are some dance reality shows that I watch too.

Talking about dance reality shows, on Saturday at 8pm I put my TV on to watch Nach Baliye (Star Plus), Boogie Woogie (Sony), Chota Packet Bada Dhamaka (CPBD) (Zee TV). Except for Nach Baliye other two shows had kids performing but to my surprise (not really because I experienced this last week also) I was hooked on more to these shows then Nach Baliye… why? The quality!!

While Nach Baliye continued with some crap drama, the other two shows were showing what they were supposed to show, brilliant dance performances!! And even when the dance started in Nach Baliye it was no where near to the dance performed by the kids, especially the CPBD kids. Just imagine, these tiny humans were more capable of giving a good show than the grown ups!!

And going by the poor standards of Nach Baliye, if I had my regular serial at that hour I would have stuck to it rather than watching the silly off-stage drama (fake). To sum up, it’s not about reality shows or serials that’s popular with viewers it is the quality of the program.

So it goes to say, that it’s not necessarily competition between teleserials and reality shows its competition between the good and bad quality. Also a piece of advice for all reality show makers, shun the fake drama or even if its real edit it… people have had enough of it and just show them what they have been promised… the talent show!

Nov 27, 2008

Terror attack on Mumbai - Some unanswered questions

For the whole of 27 Nov, if there was anything going on in the minds and mouths of Mumbaikars, it was the brutal terror attack in South Mumbai. Each of us has got some questions popping in our minds and I’m no exception. One such question that comes to my mind… is it so easy for some 30 people to come and kill more than 100 people and leave about 300 others injured??

If this could happen in a 5 star hotel… it could also happen in malls and other similar public places. I remember the security checks, which happens in malls these days… will that serve any purpose now? I mean now the terrorists will straight away shoot those security guys and go in or what???

Another question that I have been thinking for long is… Could such attacks happen in countries like Australia or UK? Where I believe the defence against terrorism is far better organized!

Why our police men had to lose their lives for the leniency showed by the government against terrorism?

Our honorable PM says, they will take terrorism seriously and I really hope they do or the day is not far when the same may happen to our ministers and bureaucrats. People all over the country are talking about the terror attacks, one such interesting talk in one of the news channel was a group discussion.

It was between Ashok Pandit, Alyquee Padamsee, Rahul Bose. Alyquee Padamsee made some very interesting comments. He said, “If our government doesn’t have the required expertise to handle/avoid such situation it should send a training team to Israel or USA”, well said!! Does our government even consider such options??

The common man has tolerated it for long but now if terrorism in India is not controlled, next would be the who’s who turn to bear the brunt. Terrorism has taken a step forward… from planting bombs to straight away walking into the country and making it a battle field, now we can only wait and watch how many steps ahead our government takes to prevent such situations in future.

Jun 4, 2008

Media Made…!

Under Journalism, human interest stories have always had a special mention. Common man is most intrigued with happenings about others like him. But, the way human interest stories are showing to look like yellow journalism is kind of scary. Of late, it’s the Aarushi Talwar and Niraj Grover case that has been in news, round the clock. Comparatively, its Aarushi’s murder that has got more sympathy from people and so media has been cashing on it.

It is a disaster for the Talwar family, but who cares! People have to know the truth and media has to bring out the truth. Who cares, if they are adding salt to the already shattered Talwar’s wounds. I empathize completely with Aarushi’s parents even if (0.01% chance) they were accidentally responsible for her death. No punishment from the law can make them suffer more than they already are suffering.

Another story about Niraj Grover murder was something flashing in the news channel and newspaper for sometime. Now it’s not so much in news probably the reason is media’s ability to gauge that people are more interested to know about Aarushi. According to the police, it was Maria’s boyfriend, who killed Niraj and YET it was Maria whose pictures were flashed everywhere. She was portrayed as the main Villain, I wonder why! She may not have wanted this for her friend and could have helped Matthews, her boyfriend out of fear or proving her loyalty for him. But again Media made her the Culprit.

To lose their young child (only child)and IF due to their own mistake because of one weak moment... their guilt, their loss will be any day much more than any punishment awarded by the court of law. And nothing proved yet, it could also be someone else who has committed the crime. In that case, how fair is the Media being to the Talwars? Have they ever grilled the terrorists as much as they are grilling the Talwars?? And all this only to increase their TRPs!!

Media has clearly been too irresponsible in the recent times, but now I’m beginning to wonder, if Media is getting out of hand. Will soon Media be strong contenders to the corrupt politicians??

May 18, 2008

Amitabh Bachchan’s Blog

Blogging world is got all the more in news with Mr. Amitabh Bachchan’s blog. I saw a small clip of it in the newspaper and couldn’t wait to read more. As the rest of the world goes on and on about Big B and how big a fan they are of Big B; to be very honest I was never such a big fan of Mr. Bachchan or any other actor for that matter. I always liked him in comedy roles and from his recent movies, enjoyed Chinni Kum.

However, after reading his blog I have definitely become a fan of Mr. Bachchan, the writer. I’m not too sure if he has written all that on the blog, on his own or appointed a writer for that but I am sure the thoughts are his own. As a professional writer, I have always been on a lookout for a good piece of writing which is a combination of great thoughts with the correct use of language… and Big B’s blog has got that perfect combination.

It is not too difficult to make out after reading his blog that Mr. Bachchan is a well read, well traveled, and humble personality. His blog, a reflection of his thoughts is evidence enough that even after being so successful he has retained the basic human values in him.

For Mr. Bachchan this may have been the best way to put forth his view on certain issues, that’s nothing but media made (Hopefully, at least now, certain media people would act more responsibly and wisely).

The profound thinking, good and apt use of words (simple language yet interesting) is what I liked the most about his blog. So those who have still not read the blog please do.

Amitabh Bachchan’s Blog

Before the contents are transferred to his website, I’m not sure then if the above link would be redirected to the website or not.

Mar 20, 2008

Love or Happiness

May This Holi, Color your lives with Love & Happiness.

Today as I was writing this Holi wish, a thought crossed my mind. What is more important to make living better… LOVE or HAPPINESS? Although having both would be the best thing to happen but in case if we had to choose between the both what would it be? When I asked one of my friend this is what she told me, If you have love around, you are happy...if you are happy, your life is full of love.

However, there can be many instances when one is missing. Like, when we are sick there is no happiness but we are more loved and cared at those times. And when an individual is climbing the ladders of success, there is a feeling of achievement which brings happiness. But, this could be the time when they are more lonely and longing for genuine love.

There could be more such situations when either love or happiness is missing from our lives. To think about it, love soothes the soul and happiness the mind or physical self. Love has the power to instigate happiness however happiness cannot necessarily develop room for love. Considering all this, ideally speaking love should weigh more than happiness.

Is it really the case? I doubt. People are so much running behind happiness. Love is gradually diminishing. On a positive note, running for happiness for too long would one day, trigger our realization. And as people realize the difference love would grow like never before.

When there is no happiness around it helps to fill the heart with love than with frustration and depression. I can hear some say, easier said than done... but try we can...!