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Feb 3, 2010

Face of Life

Look at the picture above and before you read the complete post, guess what it is? What do YOU think it is? I know it’s not easy but give your best try. Now that you have thought, it will be interesting to know your thought. No matter what you thought it was, put it under comment

For me no answer is right or wrong maybe Google (I found it in gtalk images) can give the right answer. But it just clicked to me that if life had a face, it would be like this. No one really understands... what it is, everyone has got their own perception and they think that is the right one. Like the picture similarly for life, if one had to define life it would be difficult to decide the right or wrong maybe god can give the right answer.

I saw this image in gtalk and asked several of my friends… what they thought it was. I got various and interesting replies; like, some were, cotton ball, moon, food, asteroid, paper ball, crystal ball. Probably, a Psychologist could even tell the personality type of each person with the answers they gave.

Face of life, when you watch it carefully, it is not the most beautiful picture but it isn’t ugly either. Somewhere extremely meaningless but on the other hand has a profound look to it also.