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Feb 25, 2009

Book Review

Just last week, I finished reading a good book and couldn’t stop myself from writing something about it. While reading this book, for the first time I stopped to count the full stops in the sentences, and also first time I finished a novel so fast… within a week. Usually, I take months to finish one book.

After reading this book, I thought if ever I write a book it has to be like this. It has all the ingredients to keep an average brained person like me interested… namely, simple to understand, witty and excellent story. The book I am referring to here is Chetan Bhagat’s latest book, “The 3 mistakes of my life”.

The story is about a young business man and the 3 mistakes of his life that changed his life. Reading the title of the book, I thought it was another personality development book, but was surprised to find out, it was not. Yes, it was a story revolving around Business, Religion and Cricket. And in some places I would find it irritating to read the scores but that was okay, it can be skipped.

I have yet to read Chetan’s other two books but managed to see the movie made on “A night at call center”. Didn’t like the movie though, I was wondering… if there was a movie to be made on “The 3 mistakes of my life”, which actors I would like to see playing the characters of the story. Hmmm let’s see…

Govind – Abhay Deol / Ranvir Kapoor
Ishaan – Tushaar Kapoor
Omi – Sohail Khan
Vidya – Sonam Kapoor
Bittu Mama – Mahesh Majrekar
Parekhji - Paresh Rawal
Ali - Ayush Mahesh Khedekar (Youngest Jamal in Slumdog)
Govind’s mom – Sulbha Arya
Ishaan’s Parents - Sharat Saxena and Kirron Kher


Don’t know if a movie is made how it may turn out to be but the book definitely is a hit!!

Feb 12, 2009

Valentine's Day

Agreed V-Day is not rooted to Indian culture but should that be a reason for so much hatred for this occasion? All the hue and cry that’s surrounding V-day is completely meaningless. People who are supporting this kind of protest need to celebrate this day the most, so that feeling of love and care replaces the grudge in their hearts... against people celebrating it.

One point of time in my life, even I thought that you don’t need a day to express your love, what is happening is more a display of love than real love. But now I think one day in the year dedicated to love is a must especially in these times of hatred. So what if it’s commercialized... all the commercialization creates such healthy environment all around us. I mean doesn’t it look lovely when we enter a restaurant and see heart shaped balloons.

Also, when an occasion is celebrated universally it generates more joy than celebrating it individually. For instance, Diwali is a festival of lights and we light diyas (mud lamps) on diwali. Ideally speaking, we can do it any day but it brings more joy during Diwali because everyone around us is doing that, which makes the whole ambience cheerful and positive. Similarly it is for Valentines Day or any other festival.

By default we have very less occasions to enjoy life due to the bad times created by the terrorists, recession, and other stress. And instead of enjoying every happy moment that comes our way to the fullest, if we spend these days also grumbling about culture and stuff, then I guess animals have a better life than us.

So smile, celebrate and enjoy V-day not just on 14 Feb but if possible every day… because love is the need of the hour.

Feb 4, 2009

Recession 2008-20??

Towards the end of 2008 recession hit hard almost all of the global village and now financial gurus warn of a tougher time ahead. Scary as it sounds it may actually happen. Everywhere around me I hear about people losing jobs, companies closing down or salary cut. And what hurts the most is the increasing number of suicides… due to the bad fall in share market indirectly connected to recession.

One thing that makes me wonder is how did this recession enter, I understand its shortage of funds so where did all the money that existed, disappear??

I asked a friend and he told me, few people have got richer than they were, making many others poor. And I thought the best solution to reverse the recession would be to put more money into the market and generate more business. Would it not help in curbing recession? But the same friend told me if those people thought like that then there would be no recession in the first place.

So who else can discontinue this recession?? Maybe celebrities they have so much money why can’t they generate business? But would they… is the question. Seems like recession is here to stay for sometime unless there is some Divine intervention… which we all hope happens.

In school, I loved the word Recess but Recess with the additional ION doesn’t looking appealing at all!!