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Mar 20, 2008

Love or Happiness

May This Holi, Color your lives with Love & Happiness.

Today as I was writing this Holi wish, a thought crossed my mind. What is more important to make living better… LOVE or HAPPINESS? Although having both would be the best thing to happen but in case if we had to choose between the both what would it be? When I asked one of my friend this is what she told me, If you have love around, you are happy...if you are happy, your life is full of love.

However, there can be many instances when one is missing. Like, when we are sick there is no happiness but we are more loved and cared at those times. And when an individual is climbing the ladders of success, there is a feeling of achievement which brings happiness. But, this could be the time when they are more lonely and longing for genuine love.

There could be more such situations when either love or happiness is missing from our lives. To think about it, love soothes the soul and happiness the mind or physical self. Love has the power to instigate happiness however happiness cannot necessarily develop room for love. Considering all this, ideally speaking love should weigh more than happiness.

Is it really the case? I doubt. People are so much running behind happiness. Love is gradually diminishing. On a positive note, running for happiness for too long would one day, trigger our realization. And as people realize the difference love would grow like never before.

When there is no happiness around it helps to fill the heart with love than with frustration and depression. I can hear some say, easier said than done... but try we can...!