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Oct 26, 2007

A punishment that deserves praises

With one eye turned blind and a disfigured face, 18 year old Renu, probably would have got some signs of justice coming her way. A Delhi trial court has rightly given a life term imprisonment to the villain of Renu’s life, Yashpal.

Yashpal chose to ruin Renu’s life by throwing acid on her face because she chose to turn down his advances. Such instances are common in India but what is not common is the punishment given for this crime. Lot of such horrible creatures that have spoiled, innocent girls lives; have walked home free without any punishment or with minor punishment, especially in Mumbai.

When one goes to find, there will be many cases, where a girl’s life has turned upside down after a brute threw acid on her. Some minor and some grave to the extent that can send a chill down the reader’s spine. As in the case of Fatima who succumbed to the injuries caused after her husband poured acid on her and also made her drink it. So far, this is the worst case I have come across.

Two questions hit my mind. One, what is the ideal punishment for making a person’s life so difficult and ugly? Secondly, should Acid be so easily available? If I had my way I would say, the ideal punishment is tit for tat. Do the same with such mindless creatures; let them too face the scar, for life.

And acid should never be made available easily. One should be made to apply for acid like for passport, a person buying acid needs to get his address verified in the police station. It’s no joke… involving the police may instill fear in the person, if he is taking it for a wrong act and also the time taken to get acid may change the person’s mind.

Oct 10, 2007

Sensex at 18000 points, moving towards 19,000

Last one week, saw a sudden rise in the Sensex figure. As much people are rejoicing the trend, there are varied assumptions made for the near future of the stock exchange. While a lot feel this trend will continue further, some are afraid that this might be the silence before the storm. After a few days, it might just come banging down.

To understand the Stock market has never been so easy. Experts have been giving their timely opinions and advice, only to discover something different happening. To know what the close future of the Indian stock market is going to be, one need to know the reason for its remarkable leap to the 18000 mark.

According to a source, Foreign Investors are looking towards India for safe Investments. With other country’s stock market not too stable, India provides the required stability. If this truly is the reason for the growth of Sensex, then it is very obvious that the growth will continue further.

Other reason for the leap could be manipulation by Internal or External investors. This has been done more than once in the past, so could be possibly done once again to increase the share value for personal benefit. As much one would like to think that this may not be the reason for the increase stock market is witnessing, it could be the reason.

It is very difficult to determine what the real cause could be, however it does matter to know, if the healthy trend will remain this way for long or not. My take on it is, considering the serious political crisis, surrounding the nation today; would the Foreign Investors really choose this time to invest in India? Generally, any such situation dampens the stock market, so how come this time it has instigated it instead?

If all this has happened genuinely, then is nothing less than a miracle. But then isn’t India known to be a miracle country!