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Jun 25, 2007

The Agony of a SIFY customer

We have now finished our 2nd anniversary to the subscription of Sify internet connection and it’s high time I publicly reveal the agony we have faced in this time period.

For about a year we had the Rs. 410 package and on the suggestion of one Sify employee, we switched over to a more expensive package… Rs. 791 to be precise, in the hope that atleast then the connection will show some signs of a broadband connection. But as our bad Karma had it, there was absolutely no difference! The connection can disrupt once a while that’s completely understandable but the connection working fine once in a while, how does that sound?

Recently, there was a slight rainfall for a day or two and our connection disappears for 5/6 days. If this was not annoying enough the girl at the local sify office has this “I am getting my salary what do I care if you have the connection or not” attitude adding fuel to the fire.

We all know Mumbai had a heavy rainfall on 23/24 June but our Sify connection had gone on leave from 21st onwards. In June I doubt if we had even 5 days of proper connection.

However it would be wrong to say that the connection is bad all the time, the days of the month when its time for them to collect the rentals it’s working super… no interruption and no slowdown! That’s the time of the month when we realise that ours is a broadband connection.

Almost every month in these two years we had a percentage of our phone bill coming from the calls made to the Sify call center and local office.

Worst affected are ones who do online share trading, when the market goes up and you want to sell or when the market goes down and want to buy, you will be on the phone talking to one of the Sify Customer care executive.

And someone earning a livelihood from Internet, deadlines are missed…because Internet connection remains dead. Once in a while this can be told to the client but not always, as a result you lose out on opportunities!

Now if you are wondering why am I discussing this with you instead of simply throwing away the connection? It’s to warn you against a major disaster, if you have any plans of getting a Sify connection. Nobody warned us and so we undergo all this mental torture but you don’t have to. If you are getting a connection just for timepass then it is alright but if you have serious work in mind then think again. You might just end up working full time to get the connection back.
Sify broadband
SIFY stands for Service Is Fully Yuck!