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Apr 10, 2007

My take on Indian Ads

As a kid, I found Advertisements more entertaining than actual programs that were aired. My mind was so much into it that I would visualize and re-create ads in my own way; god knows where that talent disappeared as I grew up. One of my most favorite was Hawkins Ad with Neena Gupta singing… Hawkins ki siti bhaji…siti hi siti bhaji Hawkins pressure cooker!! For atleast half an hour after that ad was over I would sing that song so very gladly, maybe that’s why I still remember it.

After I grew up a little we played a game similar to Dumb charades but instead of recognizing movies the opponent had to recognize Ads (forgot what the game was called). That’s when I started to remember all those ads that were rarely shown, so that our opponent team could never recognize the ads.

With the passing years similar to other changes that have occurred all around, the world of ads has also changed. The biggest positive change I observe today is that Ad makers aren’t shy of experimenting with new concepts. And the biggest negative change is rise in Celebrity ads, negative because common identifies with the common man better than a celebrity. Of course there are exceptions like Aamir Khan doing Coke ads that’s because the actor is so good with his work that for that moment one forgets he is Aamir Khan.

These days following are the top 3 ads that gets my award….

1. Obviously Aamir Khan’s Coke ad ( Lagte hain hum alag alag par andar se hain --- same same mah) This ad in addition to being very entertaining has a deep message. If thought deeply it says so much about all human beings having more or less the same fears, problems etc but on so many occasions we are left thinking high or low of others.
2. Times jobs ad where the guy is inflated while working but when he gets his salary he feels so small. So true happened with me too.
3. Hutch ad that shows three cute small girls talking about their dog. Children are ruling the ad world; every second ad has a kid in it. And this is the cutest ad of all.