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Nov 4, 2006

In India, mostly celebrities means Bollywood stars. Bollywood is in integral part of average Indian... and what is the Integral part of Bollywood??? Songs...!! what else. Without songs hindi movies are like cakes without icing... a movie with good songs maybe a hit even if it lacks on other principles of good film making (if there are any) but its very rare that a film without songs will do well with Indian audience.

I for one, went to see Titanic in a theatre only because I thought I will get to see Celine Dion song My heart will go on... full screen. And came out disappointed.... heart broken.

With new techniques introduced every day into the Hindi music industry, songs are getting better and better.... still its the Old film songs that still remains a craze for many. Probably for its depth and simplicity. Personally, I like them all... my love for hindi songs doesnt have a time barrier.

In this Internet era most of the songs can be downloaded or atleast heard online... dont know if its legal or what. But Internet has become the first choice for all Internet savvy people to get their favourite songs from the net.

If you too want to get songs from the net here are a few sites which has a huge collection of hindi and other songs. Some sites will let you download the songs while in others you have to hear it online.

Hope, these songs helps you chill out.... and destress yourself, like it does for me.