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Dec 27, 2009

3 Idiots... Watch it!

Everyone is talking about 3 Idiots, the movie starring Kareena Kapoor, Aamir Khan, Sharman Joshi, Madhavan, Boman Irani. From the time its promo hit the small screen I had been wanting to watch it... but after all the positive reviews I got from those who watched it (yet to find a single person who said its not that a great movie) I saw it today.

It is for me, a fine example of "excellence in film making". A movie that keeps you glued to the screen till its on and after its over it makes you ponder about the message it gives. Only thing that depresses me occasionally is that such movies never get Oscars but movies like Slumdog gets... SAD! However, even that doesn't matter, I am happy we still have film makers who make movies like 3 Idiots.

As I said earlier, this movie makes me ponder over the message it gives out. I thought over something too, as shown in this movie do those people who follow their hearts really outrun people in the race, in spite of not being in the race themselves? Does that really happen? Is it a fictitious end to the story or really possible? And then Aamir Khan example crossed my mind... What better example than Aamir Khan himself! He is never in the race, does only one or two movies in a year and yet he is such a successful and loved actor. The one or two movies he does becomes one of the highest revenue earner for that year. Never gets into any kind of cheap publicity to show the world that he is alive but still he is the most spoken about actor, when the discussion is about good actors in Hindi cinema.

I am convinced that the movie is not only entertaining, positive, motivating but also realistic! A must watch for people of all ages:)