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Jun 11, 2009

Clickbank Code - Affiliate Marketing Tutorials

In the last week of May I purchased an Affiliate marketing tutorial package that guides it readers in building up an Affiliate business. The name of this package was Clickbank Code by Michael Jones. I landed on his landing page through one of the email sent to me by one of the Affiliates whose newsletter I had subscribed to, last year or the year before. Btw, I have lost track of how many such newsletters I have subscribed to in the last few years. I have always wanted to know how to earn money online with no or minimum investment… however, was never convinced enough if I could do it.

Okay, lets get back to Clickbank Code, I went through Michael’s landing page and curiously went through the video also… who would not when the email through which I reached the landing page said, “See how this guy made $$$ in a few days”
I have got uncountable no. of mails like these ones before… lot of them I have deleted even without opening. So, what was different about this product and its promotion, which made me not only see the landing page, read it, view the video but BUY the product also???

I also don’t know, but I guess it was that one hope that it could help me achieve what I have been trying to achieve since a few years. After finally having the contents of the package in front of my eyes, I asked myself, “where is that secret of earning quick money”, but alas there was nothing of that sort.

In all there are 45 videos covering different aspects of Affiliate marketing. 28 divided in 6 modules and one PPC bonus consisting of 19 videos. All the modules are covered in PDF file also. In addition to this there are 2 bonus ebooks Niche Navigator and Twitter Treasure Chest that comes with Reseller rights. It means you are free to resell it at your price.

Now to get the fact right… this book will help you earn money if you are willing to first spend some. It will teach you how you can earn $150 by spending $100 but definitely not instantly. So if you have the patience and dedication towards making it as a successful Affiliate than go for
Clickbank Code!