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May 11, 2009

Must say…. Good job!!

12 year old Harry Willsher from UK is the fortunate employee of a sweet factory and his unique and dream job is to taste new sweets for the sweet factory. Now isn’t that great, getting to eat sweets and alsogetting paid for it?

This news article made me think what could be some of my dream jobs. It could be dress promoter. Here the job profile would be to wear lovely dresses and walk into movie hall, malls, wedding, parties etc and promote the outfit by just looking good.

Second in the list, can be sandals and shoes tester. Wear the latest style shoes and check its comfort level. Of course, all these stuffs will remain with me only after that.

Third, be a part of research program that’s researching on whether going to beauty parlor and getting done a facial, hairspa, manicure, pedicure etc on a regular basis helps improve the skin and hair quality of a person. Wow, someone paying for all that every month and also paying me for that would be like a dream in a dream.

I would love to test mattress also. Sleep on it to test if it justifies as a good mattress or needs more improvement. So much for society service!

Now some realistic ones

Food, movie reviewer: In this job I would like to eat good food and write a review about the food, restaurant and its service. As a movie reviewer, ticket to a PVR plus popcorn expenses and in return I will review the movie. Similarly, there are a lot of other stuffs that I can very efficiently use and review, such as mobile phones, ipods, laptops etc.

Travel writing is also another cool job. My company will pay me for traveling plus the expenses incurred on it and in return, I give the perfect description about how and where I went and why everyone should or should not go there.

If only I could get lucky like Harry, anyone listening?