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Nov 27, 2008

Terror attack on Mumbai - Some unanswered questions

For the whole of 27 Nov, if there was anything going on in the minds and mouths of Mumbaikars, it was the brutal terror attack in South Mumbai. Each of us has got some questions popping in our minds and I’m no exception. One such question that comes to my mind… is it so easy for some 30 people to come and kill more than 100 people and leave about 300 others injured??

If this could happen in a 5 star hotel… it could also happen in malls and other similar public places. I remember the security checks, which happens in malls these days… will that serve any purpose now? I mean now the terrorists will straight away shoot those security guys and go in or what???

Another question that I have been thinking for long is… Could such attacks happen in countries like Australia or UK? Where I believe the defence against terrorism is far better organized!

Why our police men had to lose their lives for the leniency showed by the government against terrorism?

Our honorable PM says, they will take terrorism seriously and I really hope they do or the day is not far when the same may happen to our ministers and bureaucrats. People all over the country are talking about the terror attacks, one such interesting talk in one of the news channel was a group discussion.

It was between Ashok Pandit, Alyquee Padamsee, Rahul Bose. Alyquee Padamsee made some very interesting comments. He said, “If our government doesn’t have the required expertise to handle/avoid such situation it should send a training team to Israel or USA”, well said!! Does our government even consider such options??

The common man has tolerated it for long but now if terrorism in India is not controlled, next would be the who’s who turn to bear the brunt. Terrorism has taken a step forward… from planting bombs to straight away walking into the country and making it a battle field, now we can only wait and watch how many steps ahead our government takes to prevent such situations in future.