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Jun 4, 2008

Media Made…!

Under Journalism, human interest stories have always had a special mention. Common man is most intrigued with happenings about others like him. But, the way human interest stories are showing to look like yellow journalism is kind of scary. Of late, it’s the Aarushi Talwar and Niraj Grover case that has been in news, round the clock. Comparatively, its Aarushi’s murder that has got more sympathy from people and so media has been cashing on it.

It is a disaster for the Talwar family, but who cares! People have to know the truth and media has to bring out the truth. Who cares, if they are adding salt to the already shattered Talwar’s wounds. I empathize completely with Aarushi’s parents even if (0.01% chance) they were accidentally responsible for her death. No punishment from the law can make them suffer more than they already are suffering.

Another story about Niraj Grover murder was something flashing in the news channel and newspaper for sometime. Now it’s not so much in news probably the reason is media’s ability to gauge that people are more interested to know about Aarushi. According to the police, it was Maria’s boyfriend, who killed Niraj and YET it was Maria whose pictures were flashed everywhere. She was portrayed as the main Villain, I wonder why! She may not have wanted this for her friend and could have helped Matthews, her boyfriend out of fear or proving her loyalty for him. But again Media made her the Culprit.

To lose their young child (only child)and IF due to their own mistake because of one weak moment... their guilt, their loss will be any day much more than any punishment awarded by the court of law. And nothing proved yet, it could also be someone else who has committed the crime. In that case, how fair is the Media being to the Talwars? Have they ever grilled the terrorists as much as they are grilling the Talwars?? And all this only to increase their TRPs!!

Media has clearly been too irresponsible in the recent times, but now I’m beginning to wonder, if Media is getting out of hand. Will soon Media be strong contenders to the corrupt politicians??