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Dec 31, 2007

Happy 2008

One more year has passed. And like every year, while wishing each other, I expect a few people to say, "Years are passing so soon". This is one common line used and re-used every year.

And talking about new year a mention about the new year resolution is fair enough. I really do not wait till new year to make resolutions but then again I am not too famous for making resolutions either. And to sticking to it is another story in itself.

But this year I want to make a resolution; to be more cool and stay happy, no matter what comes or what doesn't. Simple as it sounds, hope I can actually make it happen. And before I wrap up this post... I extend my new year wishes to all, with the following message I got from a friend.

Wish you a fabulous new year,
May peace break into your house and thieves steal your worries,
May love stick to your face, like your skin... and laughter assault your lips,
May the problems you had forget your address...
May 2008 be the best year of your life, so far!