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Jul 31, 2007

Sketchcasting... The brainchild of Richard Ziade

Don’t blame you, if you have still not heard of sketchcasting. It has just about arrived on the net. Sketchcasting is to sketch and cast, simple… isnt it? Hmmm… okay! Let me explain.

Sketchcasting is when you draw to explain a process, like you would do on a white board. This you can either do using a Tablet PC or with a Digi Pen. And for those who love to draw with a mouse (really gifted ones), can make the most out of sketchcasting.

Before you begin to draw make sure you have put the sketchcaster on (sketchcaster records onscreen action). Once done, save it under the avi file option. Upload it on any of the videohosting sites like youtube and put the link on your blog.

Unlike a text blog, there are some expenses to bear, if you would really like to try sketchcasting. Mainly on the Tablet PC, but if you have already got one, then you should definitely give sketchcasting a try. Even otherwise, a Digi pen and pad is an economical substitute for Tablet PC. Also, you will need Mic and speaker to explain the activity.

For the other requirements namely Screencaster, Drawing Progam you can avail the free versions from Internet.

This kind of a blog can be very useful for people associated with Designing, Movies (story board), Business developers/ Planners, Educational sites etc. There can be a thousand more uses of sketchcasting, but it remains to be seen how well its implemented in the cyber world.

The following video will give you some practical insight into sketchcasting.

While using this concept remember a few things;

• Keep the video size short.
• Before recording write down what you want to say and how to say, to avoid any kind of interruption in between.
• Google doesn’t index video files, giving sketchcasting negative points for SEO, hence let a brief write-up on your sketchcasting post, follow the video.

Jul 25, 2007

Last date extended for submitting UTI Lifestyle Funds forms


UTI lifestyle Funds

Understand the simple logic behind the potential growth of UTI LIFESTYLE Mutual Fund. With more disposal income in hand, Urban India is all set on a shopping spree like never before. Research indicates this trend is only going to rise in the coming years. Analysing this principle, the success of UTI LIFESTYLE Scheme is quite evident.

This is not the only reason why it makes sense to invest in this scheme, besides that the other reasons are as follows:

1. Investor can redeem on the first five business days every 6months from the offer closure date. Maturity date is however, only after three years from the date of allotment.

2. Scheme is open for all Resident individuals, Institutions as well as to Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) and Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs).

3. You can invest starting with a nominal amount of Rs. 5000/- only.

4. One can either opt for the Growth Option or Dividend Option with Payout and Reinvestment facilities.

a. Growth Option: Allows you to sell the units at an increased rate, during the redemption period.

b. Dividend option: Investor will receive dividends as and when declared and there will be no changes in the unit price during redemption.

An upward moving graph in India's Outsourcing market has encouraged the buying power of Indian consumer hence, the possibility of high profit is much more in LIFESTYLE Mutual funds than with Mutual funds that invests in equity.

Fill the form and along with a copy of your pan card, submit it in the nearest UTI office.


Locate a UTI office near you:



Jul 17, 2007

How reliable is Wikipedia?

While researching on the Internet, search engines play a vital role. Among search engines Google, Yahoo and MSN are the most common ones. Personally, I use Google and Yahoo for lot of my research work.

During such search, I noticed that for almost all my searches Wikipedia was seen on the 1st page of the search results. And I was left wondering if that was a good thing or no. Some may feel what possibly can be wrong with it, but I beg to differ.

Many regular surfers know that the contents in Wikipedia can easily be edited by anybody. Although there are editors who watch over the contents, firstly their credibility is doubtful and secondly it is difficult for the editors to keep a watch over the contents on a daily basis. Imagine,I edit a certain section today and the editor sees it after a week, in between all those visitors would accept the information put by me as true.

Once I was searching information on an Indian King and was dumbfounded on the things written about him. This was when I was not aware of the fact that the contents were editable by anyone. And I ended up believing the information to be a fact! I am sure there are still many others who may be collecting information from Wikipedia considering it to be a reliable source. As I mentioned before anybody using search engines are likely to land up on Wikipedia more often since it mostly appears on the 1st page of search results.

Isn’t this a cause of concern? We have school / college children using Internet for school projects. Moreover we are also at a great risk of knowing and spreading wrong information.

It wouldn’t be right to say Wikipedia only has distorted facts, many times the information given there may be right, however how are we to make out if the facts are correct or not? The only solution then is to cross check before taking any information to be true.